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The European Grand Prix in Stats

Total points finishes on Sunday's European GP: Kimi's 160th, Lewis' 140th, Seb's 130th, Nico's 120th - that's a tidy stat! More here...

The TOP DOG For Europe Is…

Our chosen TOP DOG really had to work hard for a tremendous result for his team

Five Things We’re Excited To See In Baku

We've barely recovered from Canada and now F1 is back in action at the brand new Baku circuit for Round 8. Here's our list of 5 things we're excited to see this weekend.

The Race That Was… Europe 2012

It's been four years since the European Grand Prix last graced the Formula One calendar. Laura Leslie ponders over a brilliant 2012 European Grand Prix.

Top 5 European Grand Prix

The banner of the European Grand Prix has encompassed many tracks over many years, and the Badgerometer scours the vaults for five of the...