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Shivraj’s Jerez Testing Diary

Shivraj spent a week in Jerez for the first test of 2014, here's his diary.

F1 2014 in Pictures – Top 100 from Jerez

Here's an incredible album of photographs from the first test for you enjoyment.  These excellent shots are by Shivraj Gohil, a budding F1 photographer...

The new F1 cars on track in Jerez

Day 2 in Jerez saw much more in the way of track action and it's our first chance to see the new cars in...

The Best Photos from the British Grand Prix

70 or so of the BEST photos from Silverstone.

The Best Photos from Canada

Here's our selection of brilliant photos from Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix

50 Best Photos from Bahrain

The Bahrain GP delivered a surprising action packed and exciting thriller of a race, even with Sebastian Vettel impressively scampering off into the distance....

50 Best Photos from the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

Another excellent grand prix weekend is over and F1 2013 is in full swing, complete with a dash of politics and controversy.We've got 3...

Bonza! The Best Photos from the Australian Grand Prix

After every grand prix we collate the best photos from the whole weekend for your viewing pleasure.  Here's our collection with a few favourites...

2013 F1 Cars – 50 Awesome Photos from Shivraj Gohil

For the final pre-season test in Barcelona, we gave Shivraj Gohil his big break with media accreditation for the full 4 days and a...

Last Photos from Barcelona

So, for the final test in Barcelona we sent Shivraj Gohil out to Barcelona to show us what he can do with his camera.He's...

Final F1 Testing: Barcelona Day 8

Today was the final pre-season test for all the teams ahead of the Australian Grand Prix in less than 2 weeks time (whoop!) and...

F1 Testing: Barcelona Day 6

We really can't wait until the Australian Grand Prix now - it's always an exciting race, a good track and it's fascnating to see...

F1 Testing: Barcelona Day 5

Formula 1 pre-season testing was underway again today in Barcelona with all the teams heading out in undesirable cold and wet conditions around Circuit...

All the Photos from Barcelona Testing

The second winter testing session concluded today, leaving the teams looking ahead to the final test before Melbourne in 3 weeks time.  Thanks to...

F1 Testing: Barcelona Day 4

The final day of running in Barcelona for this test has seen wet, windy and even chillier conditions, similar to the weather you'd expect...

View from the Pit Lane

Stepping into the pit lane is a real treat and during testing it's a frantic, busy place with cars coming in and out constantly....
Marussia Pit Stop

Great Shots

I was talking to the chief Badger in the Sett the other night, well, actually it was in a very pleasant pub just down the road, and we were discussing F1 photographers and the fantastic images they produce.We were also talking about the photos we use for Badger GP, and how the various media websites get their images, so I explained how the process worked when I was at Marussia.
Albert Park, Australian Grand Prix

The Best Photos from Australia

The 2012 Australian Grand Prix was not only a great race to open the new season, but a great race in itself, here it is, in HD pictures.

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