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Daniel Ricciardo Rules Out Ferrari, While Wanting F1 To Be A Bigger Challenge

Danny Ric on the state of Formula 1 and driving for Ferrari, or not.

Ferrari are Back

Sebastian Vettel storms to victory, overtaking BOTH Mercedes in Malaysia

Worst F1 Driver Ever?

Maldonado? No he really isn't. Taki Innoe? No, not him either...

The Race That Was…Imola 1982

To say 1982 was a fractious season for the sport would be an understatement. A drivers strike at the very first round in South...

Badger’s pre-season report card 2014 – Part 1

Seldom has there been an off-season in any sport, let alone Formula 1, that has seen such change, development and unpredictability as the 2013/2014...

Ahhh not again! Flag gate Pt. 2…

You'd have thought the FIA and race directors would have been happy come Sunday afternoon. First race of the European season down without a...

Viva España! Sublime home win for Alonso

And who said there wasn't much overtaking at the Spanish grand prix?  This year's race at the Circuit de Catalunya took the rule book,...

Introducing the new Ferrari F138

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the new Ferrari F1 car for the 2013, named the F138 and with a red paint job. Some might say it's a new pram for Fernando throw his toys out of, but we see it as being yet another fina motor and hopefully one that he can use to fight for the championship again.

De La Rosa lands Ferrari test role

Spaniard Pedro De La Rosa has landed on his feet in the F1 world today, as the 41-year-old was announced as the Italian team's...

Push or Pull? Badger looks into F1 Front Suspension

In our latest tech piece looking at the front suspension, examining just what it does and how its unique properties allow the car to stay just a few centimetres off the ground while maintaining those high speeds through corners.
Felipe Massa - 2 points

Massa Bashing: Round 5

A quarter of the way into the F1 season and Felipe has scored two points. I'd wager that, armed with his droning ballad, Engelbert Humperdinck will score more points in Baku on the 26th May in Eurovision

Massa Bashing: Round 2

This race weekend could not have gone much worse for Felipe Massa. He finished last of the unlapped runners. Excluding the retirees, he only beat only the Caterhams, Marrusias and HRTs to the flag. In the same race, the man across the garage – The Dashing Spaniard – won the race.
Perez and Sauber Celebrate

The Best Pictures from Malaysia

Our favourite pictures from the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend.

Massa Bashing: Round 1

"Massa Bashing" is officially a new sport - according to us at least. Many have been having a go at Felipe recently - is it deserved? We investigate...

Alonso: “We’re not the fastest, or the slowest”

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso conceded that the new F2012 is "quite complex to understand", but that the Italian marque is gathering more information every time the car takes to the track.
Miss you Robert

Gallery: Barcelona Testing Day 2

The second day of testing in Barcelona saw Lewis Hamilton complete an epic 121 laps, some of which he spent pseudo-battling with Vettel.  Hulkenberg,...

In Pictures – Ferrari Launch the F2012

In full HD photographs, here's the new Ferrari F12, ready to take on the 2012 F1 championship

Picture Comparison – Ferrari 150 Italia to Ferrari F2012

Ferrari launched their new challenger, the F2012, online this morning, and features the stepped nose that could be the standard design for many cars...