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Our Top Tweets of 2017

We love adding our Twitter commentary to the races, so we decided to see which of our silly tweets was the most popular!

Top 5 Best and Worst F1 Moments of 2017

2017 is almost over and it’s time for everybody in the paddock to go their separate ways. Lewis to the beach, Kimi to the...

A chat with Stuart Pringle, MD of Silverstone

Silverstone.  Home of British Racing. Steeped in history, the iconic track has been at the heart of the British motorsport scene for nigh on...

Badger’s Most Popular Articles 2017

It's always interesting to look back over the year and see which of our hundreds of articles was the most read and shared, here's our top 10 for 2017, including the most popular article ever on Badger GP!

Win Tickets to Autosport International 2018

Win a pair of tickets to Autosport International, the racing car show that starts the season

Our 2017 Predictions Revisited!

Cast your mind back to early 2017 - the first season in 10 years without Nico Rosberg on the grid was about to begin....

Win Force India Wheel Rim Table

Win an awesome Force India F1 Wheel Rim table with Memento Exclusives

An alternative Pirelli tyre range for 2018

So many tyres! All the colours of the rainbow and some more. Not as crazy as our idea though - Charlie Eustice puts for the case for an alternative Pirelli tyre range for F1 in 2018
Monaco Grand Prix

Introducing the F1 cruise

An F1 cruise? It doesn't exist, but it should and here's Fern Lock's grand plan - now to make it happen!
Max Verstappen killing time before apres ski

F1 Christmas Gifts

Need gift ideas for an F1 fan or need ideas to give people to treat you? Here's your definitive guide to F1 Christmas gifts.

Win £100 – BoxBoxBoxCo Motorsport Merchandise

That's right, you could bag yourself a load of brilliant motorsport merchandise this Christmas, thanks to our friends at BoxBoxBoxCo. You can see some of...

The New F1 Logo

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Care? Find out what Badger GP think of the new F1 logo.

Our F1 Wishlist for 2018

#F1wishlist2018 - Don't ask, don't get. So we've put our list together for F1 in 2018, have a read and see if you agree, share your wishlist!

Win a drive of a lifetime around Silverstone

You could be driving around the legendary British racing circuit!

F1’s 100% Season Finishers

Finishing every race is a pretty impressive achievement. Lewis did it in 2017, but who else has achieved this feat? Nicky Haldenby finds out...

Stat Attack: F1 2017 in Numbers

The most penalties? The highest average grid? Best qualifying? Find the answers and much more on the season with our 2017 F1 stats

Five things to look for in the final years of the turbo hybrid era

We're halfway through an era of Formula 1, Dan Thompson looks at what we've got to look forward to

Win a signed copy of Jenson Button’s Book!

Win a signed copy of Jenson Button's book!