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The Forgotten Swede: The Life and Legacy of Gunnar Nilsson

October 20th marks 40 years since the passing of a Swedish F1 driver who could have surpassed the great Ronnie Peterson. Kevin Ayres walks us through the sadly curtailed career of Gunnar Nilsson, and the legacy he left behind.

10 Orange F1 Cars

While we wait on the news of McLaren's updated livery (is it orange?!) here are ten other F1 cars that got the 'tango' treatment.

8 Formula One Drivers Who Won On Their Team Debuts

Max Verstappen took victory first time out for his new team in Spain, but what other drivers switched outfits and still reigned supreme? Laura Leslie investigates.

Worst F1 Driver Ever?

Maldonado? No he really isn't. Taki Innoe? No, not him either...