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Autosport International Map

Badger’s Guide to Autosport International

Autosport International is Europe's largest motorsport convention and Badger is at hand hand to help guide you through what's hot at this year's event with our alternative map.
F1 Display

In Pictures: F1 Cars on display at Autosport

The bizarre 'grid' of cars at Autosport - can you tell what each of these cars actually are?

A Tribute to Senna at Autosport International

If you're heading to the Autosport Show this weekend, be sure to head to the Senna tribute - an excellent collection of the legend's...

Launching MotorsportXS

This week's Autosport International sees the launch of MotorsportXS, a new service that intends to make "motorsport more accessible and affordable to fans".  The company...