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Firmer, not fairer?

The Scrutineering Bay is a place where Badger fans come together to debate pressing topics in F1. This week we asked "Were the stewards too lenient in Japan?"

Driver Performance Analaysis: The Sleeping Dogs

The final part of our driver analysis looks at the back end of the grid, known in these parts as the Sleeping Dogs. This week the regular cast are joined by special guest stars Toro Rosso.

Japanese Grand Prix – Fans Diary

Here's a terrific F1 Fans Diary entry from Dave Madgwick, who attended the Japanese Grand Prix last weekend. He's been to over 200 races!

Driver Performance Analysis: The Chasing Dogs

Our dissection of the F1 grid continues with the middle of the grid, collectively known as the Chasing Dogs. Sauber Kamui Kobayashi: Quali - 7th, Race...

Driver Performance Analysis: The Top Dogs

We start our analysis of the good, the bad and the ugly from the Singapore Grand Prix with the fastest teams, known in these parts as the Top Dogs.

The Japanese Grand Prix in Pictures

Our complete photo gallery of the action over the Japanese GP weekend - enjoy!

Caption it! “is this how we race now?”

Our final caption contest for the Japanese GP weekend...

Alonso’s Japanese Masterclass

Fernando Alonso's performance in today's Japanese Grand Prix was further proof - if it were needed - that the Spaniard is at the very peak of his powers behind the wheel.

Caption it! Alonso is Speedy

Our second Japanese GP weekend caption contest - just for fun!

Lewis vs. Felipe, Round 2

After Singapore you'd think that Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton might bury the hatchet and carry on trying to rescue their rather dismal seasons....

Pacey Perez protects his Pirellis

It's becoming increasingly clear that the battle for Rookie of the Season is coming down to a battle between two men: Force India's Paul Di Resta and Sauber's Sergio Perez. For the latter, Suzuka was a clear demonstration that he has a tactical brain to go with his natural speed, especially when it came to managing his tyres.

Caption it! Button’s lift home…

There are some great photos from the Japanese Grand Prix, and amongst them are a few that made us smile, so here's the first of a few caption-contests for you.

The Top Dog For Japan Is…

"Hot Rod or Hot Dog" is our regular post-grand prix column where we review all of the driver performances in that race. As part of the process, one driver is declared as Badger's "Top Dog" - and this week it's...

The Start: Did Vettel Push Button Too Much?

Temptation - it's a common human trait that we always want to push a button that we shouldn't push, but today in Japan, Vettel...

The Year of the Finger – Vettel’s Journey to the Title

The only thing that has been as consistent as his cars performance is the celebrations throughout the season, yes, of course it's the finger of Sebastian Vettel and here's our special World Championship in pictures - the year of the finger.

Jensational Japanese GP Victory for Jenson

Today's Japanese Grand Prix was lacking in tension, after a 'tricky' start for Sebastian Vettel he lead into turn 1, but somewhat surprisingly did not have the pace to run and hide as both Button and Alonso could take the fight to the now-2011 champion. Alonso surprised many in particular with his last few laps where he chased down Jenson, who managed to react and have just enough fuel to cross the line for another victory.

Kamui Kobayashi to start 7th after Grid re-Shuffle

Kamui fans (who isn't one) will be veyr chuffed to hear that the awesome overtaking Japanese driver is now to start the grand prix from 7th on the grid, rather than his original 10th position, following a reshuffle by the FIA.

Vettel Steals Pole from McLaren

After topping all the practice sessions and dominating the qualifying session, everyone expected McLaren to grab pole position and end Red Bull's run, but once again it was the 2010 Champion, Vettel who had the biggest smile in parc ferme. Here's qualifying as it happened...