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Damon Hill and Johnny Herbert chat to Badger GP

With the new season about to begin, Rob Watts spent some time with Sky Sports F1 pundits Damon Hill and Johnny Herbert to find out what 2017 has in store, and how the current era compares to when they were racing.
Johnny Herbert

“I would have done the same as Rosberg” – Johnny Herbert chats to Badger...

In an exclusive interview, Johnny Herbert explains why he would have acted similarly to Nico Rosberg, and why he sees some similarities with his own battle to beat Michael Schumacher in the mid-nineties.

What Doesn’t Kill You: Badger talks to Johnny Herbert

With his autobiography now in shops, Badger's Sarah Merritt caught up with the Sky F1's pundit Johnny Herbert on why the time is right to tell his life story.

Johnny Herbert – My Favourite Driver (Sort Of)

There are a great many things which, in the '90s, appeared utterly brilliant: velvet trousers, crimped hair, neon clothes, Tony Blair, Sunny D, furbies,...
Herbert Monaco 1995

Johnny Herbert – Wolff has the potential to make it…

Yesterday, we here in the Sett were lucky enough to have a quick catch up with Sky Sports F1's very own Johnny Herbert in the build...
Herbert Monaco 1995

A chat with Johnny Herbert

Stewarding, Massa, McLaren, Pit Stops, New Tracks, Moss, Senna we talk to Johnny Herbert about Formula 1!

POP: the good week/ bad week of F1

It's Thursday, so it must be time for your weekly dose of fun F1 news and gossip courtesy of Podium or Pits! This week POP has an EXCLUSIVE ... the real reason behind the 2007 spying scandal!