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A Marriage Made In Heaven? – Part 2

Only a few weeks ago was the Scrutineering Bay discussing the future of one Kimi Raikkonen - whether the 2007 World Champion was going...

Kimi’s NASCAR debut available to view free in UK

2007 F1 world champion Kimi Raikkonen makes his NASCAR debut in this weekend's Truck Series race at Charlotte Speedway, and UK fans of the Finn will be able to watch the event live - so long as they're willing to drag themselves out of bed at 1am on Saturday morning.

F1’s Best Comeback Drives

Mark Webber wowed the fans with a rip-roaring drive from 18th on the grid to 3rd place in last weekend's Chinese Grand Prix, but are there any other drives from the past that were just as impressive? The Badgerometer investigates!

Reasons to like… NASCAR

Are you an avid Kimi Raikkonen fan looking for the upside of his switch to NASCAR? Badger has been looking at a few reasons to get on board with the good ol' boys of America's premier stock car series.

Opinion: Why Kimi’s NASCAR switch makes no sense

With Kimi Raikkonen's switch to NASCAR now confirmed as genuine, Badger has been casting an eye over the prospect of the 2007 F1 champ joining the stock car series.

Photo Gallery: Kimi Raikkonen tackles Rally Sweden

For some reason, a number of news outlets this week felt it necessary to float the notion that Kimi Raikkonen was set to replace...

The Greatest Grand Prix Adverts

Welcome to the second of Badger's new, weekly column: the Badgerometer. Each...

Grand Prix’s best breakdowns

As part of a new, regular column Badger looks at some of the best F1 moments when people fought, cried, or just lost their cool. Check back every Tuesday for more Top 5 F1 fun...

Stirling Moss on Schumacher, Eddie Jordan and why F1 needs Rossi

Republished from earlier this year - When Badger met Sir Stirling Moss... "The point is, if somebody comes along and says, ‘Listen, I'm going to give you 3 or 4 million." You're not going to say ‘Well I'm not worth it,'" he smiles. "It's an unrealistic amount to pay I think, for a safe sport."