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Martin Brundle and Pat Symonds discuss Sky’s plans for F1 in 2017

Badger's Rob Watts spoke to Pat and fellow Sky Sports commentator, Martin Brundle, to get the lowdown on Pat's new role and find out their thoughts on the upcoming season.

A quick catch-up with Martin Brundle

After being invited to Red Bull's swanky unveiling of the RB9 in Milton Keynes, Badger managed to catch an exclusive cheeky five minutes with...
Herbert Monaco 1995

A chat with Johnny Herbert

Stewarding, Massa, McLaren, Pit Stops, New Tracks, Moss, Senna we talk to Johnny Herbert about Formula 1!

A boardroom, two Badgers and a bevy of broadcasters: Q & A with the...

Last week Badger headed to the Grosvenor Hotel for a Q & A session with the Sky Sports F1 HD team. What will their new channel offer? Read on to find out...

Record viewers for F1 in 2011

The 2011 F1 season is proving to be a massive success for the BBC, with record numbers of viewers tuning in to watch the...

MB + DC = Perfect Harmony?

Wednesday only means one thing in the Sett: it's Scrutineeting Bay time! In the first Bay of the 2011 season, we're debating whether Martin Brundle and David Coulthard clicked in Oz - we don't avoid the big issues at Badger!

POP: the good week/ bad week of F1

Who are you calling a mug? Aside from crockery-related news, Podium or Pits this week features a corner called 'Brundle', Ron 'Dennis the Menace', an exploded Formula 1 car, and the lastest F1 app for your iPhone!

5 Quick Questions with the BBC F1 Team…

Badger sat down for a chat with the BBC F1 team a few weeks back, quizzing them on everything from their thoughts on...

The New Voices of F1 on the BBC

Martin Brundle and David Coulthard are the BBC's commentary team for the 2011 season and Badger took up an invitation from the BBC to have a chat with the two of them and see how their preparations are going, plans for the coverage and loads more - here's what we found...

Put your questions to the BBC Sport F1 Crew!

Badger has kindly been invited to BBC Television Centre for a meeting on Wednesday with everyone's favourite anchorman and his motley crew - i.e....

Podium or Pits? It’s Grand Prix POP!

Some say it was only a matter of time, some say it was long overdue ... but regardless, Jonathan Legard is now resigned (quite...

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