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Weekend debate: Does Max Verstappen need to calm down?

The Scrutineering Bay returns to look into whether F1's wunderkid Max Verstappen needs to kerb his driving style, or keep being the showman we all know and love.

VIDEO – Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen preview the 2018 F1 Australian GP

After an intense period of winter activity, F1 will burst back into life with the 2018 Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne's Albert Park circuit.

Why Max Verstappen is F1’s most feared driver

Fearless attitude combined with mercurial driving skill is making Max Verstappen become the force to be reckoned with in F1, explains Rob Watts.

Video – Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen on fitness in F1

Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen explains to Mobil 1 The Grid why a rigorous and meticulous training regime plays such a crucial role in the making of a modern-day Formula One driver.

Video – Max Verstappen and Christian Horner preview the British Grand Prix

Mobil 1 The Grid spoke to Dutch teenager Max Verstappen, as well as RBR Team Principal Christian Horner to find out their views on Silverstone.

Max Verstappen: “It’s more enjoyable to take the corners now!”

A smiling Max Verstappen met with the media to talk about a day that saw him total 102 laps with a best time of 1:20.432, but with a midway engine change and stopping on track at the end of the day.
Rachel Brookes

Sky’s Rachel Brookes shares her pit-lane ups and downs from 2016

Badger’s Rob Watts caught up with Sky F1's Rachel Brookes, to get some insider knowledge on the key stories that shaped the 2016 F1 season.

The TOP DOG For Abu Dhabi Is…

Who came out on top in the desert?

Opinion: Max Verstappen doesn’t follow anyone

The Dutchman was the talk of the town after the Brazilian Grand Prix, but Craig Norman explains that others may have helped him out.

The TOP DOG For Brazil Is…

....just who you'd expect to be.

Helmet designs as car liveries? Yes please!

Graphic designer Tim Holmes' liveries based on 2016 helmet designs look great - here's the whole grid in all their glory.

The story behind Max Verstappen’s biggest fanclub

How did one little Facebook page end up with 50,000 fans and flags all over the world? Jaap Grolleman investigates!

The Austrian Grand Prix Stats

Tidy Austrian GP Stats - Car number 44 took Mercedes’ 44th fastest lap in the race he bagged his 44th podium position with Mercedes as a constructor.

Max Mania in the Netherlands

MAXXXXXX! Badger's Dutch contributor, Jaap Grolleman brings us the reaction direct from Max Vestappen's homeland.

The Spanish Grand Prix in Stats

Max Verstappen is the youngest leader, podium and race winner in F1 history. There are also plenty more stats from the brilliant Spanish Grand Prix

The TOP DOG for Spain is…

It could be only the one, the only, MAX VERSTAPPEN! Jaap Grolleman shares his joy of seeing the first Dutch F1 race winner.

Does Red Bull Really Give You Wings?

Red Bull have a history of swapping out their drivers mid-season, as Rob Watts explains, so Max and Dany are in familiar company.

The Top Dog For Singapore Is…

...probably who you thought it would be.