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A Parlez with Pastor at the WEC!

Badger GP's Sarah Merritt was lucky enough to catch-up with Dragonspeed's Pastor Maldonado for a quick chat over the WEC weekend in Silverstone, Here's what he had to say

The Race That Was…Spain 2012

After four different race winners in four races, it didn't seem like the 2012 season could get any madder, or more inconsistent, ahead of round five in Spain. Oh, how wrong we were. Laura Leslie looks back at a classic.

Maldonado Much Happier With Mercedes Power

Pastor Maldonado was upbeat after Day 10 of pre-season testing.

Pressure is on after the heat of Malaysia

Can you believe it? Two races done and dusted already - over 10% of the season done. It's gone pretty quickly eh? Well, not...

Pastor Maldonado – “I think I’m going to enjoy this season in this car”

Pastor Maldonado feels confident that Williams have designed a competitve car for the 2013 season, after giving the FW35 it's first day of track...

Grudge Match! Our top picks for 2013 rivalries

If one thing is certain in F1, it’s that you need a little fight about you. Whether that is between two team-mates, a driver...

Pastor Maldonado – A Future Champion

More than perhaps any other driver on the grid past or present, Pastor Maldonado divides F1 fans.
Maldonado happy with Pole Position for the Spanish GP

Hamilton Disqualified – Maldonado inherits Pole Position

Maldonado is of course chuffed to hear he's inherited pole position, with some calling it a belated birthday gift for his team's owner, Sir Frank Williams (he turned 70 last month) - Tomorrow's grand prix just got a little more exciting...

In Pictures – The first Williams-Renault in 15 years

The legendary partnership of Williams and Renault is returning to the grid in 2012, after the combination last took to the track powering Jacques...

Say Hello to the new Williams, the FW34

Williams F1 gave the waiting press the first images of their new 2012 car, the FW34, just before the first test in Jerez on...

Monaco Highlights: Monaco Master is Maldonado

Until his late race collision with Lewis Hamilton punted him in to the barriers, Pastor Maldonado was putting in the drive of his F1 career in today's Monaco Grand Prix.

Pre-Race quotes from Ferrari, Mercedes and Williams

Ahead of this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix we've been taking a look at what the drivers have to say about the most prestigious race on the calendar. Here we're running through the thoughts of Felipe Massa, Michael Schumacher and Pastor Maldonado.

Pre-Malaysia quotes from McLaren, Williams & Hispania

The second round of pre-race quotes ahead of the Malaysian Grand Prix has landed, with McLaren, Williams and Hispania the subject of today's round-up.

Pre-Australia thoughts from McLaren, Renault and Williams

The start of the Australian Grand Prix weekend is now just over 24-hours away, so why not get up to speed with what the drivers are thinking with the latest 'what they said.' Today we're running through the thoughts from McLaren, Renault and Williams.

Rookies in Focus – 2011’s F1 fledglings

Here we go again - another crop of rookie drivers. Every year we see a few new faces turn up, listen to how they're future world champions and then sigh as they inevitably fail to live up to the hype. It's the same story every time. Well, most of the time...

Hurry up Nico! Pastor says he’s faster…

If you believe the rumours floating about at the moment the fight to be Rubens Barrichello's team-mate at Williams next season is between two...