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Kubica embracing life back in the F1 paddock

After missing out on a shock F1 race comeback with Williams, Robert Kubica says he is enjoying his new role with the team and is 100% committed to helping regular drivers Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin develop.

The Race That Was…Canada 2007

Laura Leslie takes a look back through the annuls of F1 history to bring us the very first victory in the career of our current World Champion.

POP: the good week/ bad week of F1

This week Podium or Pits features a sickly Kovalainen, a committed Button, 'muddly talker', a Kubica update, and a dash of Royal Wedding fever...!

Recovering Kubica to leave hospital within Ten days

Injured Renault star Robert Kubica has thanked his fans for their good wishes following his rally accident in February, and says he expects to leave hospital in little over a week to begin his pursuit of a return to F1.

POP: the good week/ bad week of F1

It's Thursday, so it must be time for your weekly dose of fun F1 news and gossip courtesy of Podium or Pits! This week POP has an EXCLUSIVE ... the real reason behind the 2007 spying scandal!

POP: the good week/ bad week of F1

POP is so overcome with First Race of the Season euphoria that this week's Podium or Pits is perhaps a little, well, silly. We're making a mosaic for Bobby K, Jenson's Doppelgänger does a spot of modelling, and the Guardian newspaper provides us with some further F1 daftness...

POP: The good week / bad week of F1

Scandal! Marvellous scandal! As you may have guessed, Podium or Pits isn't really that concerned about the dry dull news about cogs, wheel nuts, drive shafts (whatever those are) of Formula 1. No, POP is much more interested in what makes Formula 1 so fascinating: the people, the teams, and the money which are all behind the brilliant racing we so avidly watch. And this week folks, POP has a corker of a scandal to share...

Grand Prix’s Great Escapes

Welcome to another edition of the Badgerometer, a weekly gauge of a certain something in the wonderful world of Formula One. With the Grand Prix...

POP: Podium or Pits?

POP's regular columnist is back, and so is Formula 1 in ... 31 days! That's barely over a month! But aside from such excitement, this week's news has been dominated by Bobby K's crash (as we here at Badger affectionately call him). So despite a 'Pits' week for Bobby K, POP is putting him on the 'Podium' as we all wish him a speedy recovery...

Opinion: Why Nick Heidfeld is the only man to fill in for Robert Kubica

After what's been a pretty dark few days following Robert Kubica's rally accident we've finally had a bit of good news in the last...

Rivals wish Kubica well following rally accident

In a sport as competitive as F1 it's nice to see the racing community express their best wishes when one of their number is injured. Robert Kubica's fellow drivers have been quick to voice their support for the Pole following his rally accident today, with many using Twitter to wish him a speedy recovery. Here's what they've been saying.

Oh No! – Get well soon Bobby K

It's no secret that Robert Kubica (affectionately referred to as Bobby K) enjoys a spot of rallying when not in his Renault F1 car,...