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McLaren to Mercedes as Paddy Lowe changes his shades of Grey

There is a saying that rats leave a sinking ship before anyone else, and whilst it would be unfair to call the fine gentry...

Chinese Highlights: Rosberg’s Brawn Cracker

The Chinese Grand Prix saw Nico Rosberg score his first points of 2011 with an impressive run to fifth, and the lad has rightly earned himself a place among Badger's highlights of the race.

POP: the Good week / Bad week of F1

It's a bit of a Pits-dominated week, mostly because POP is suffering from serious Formula 1 withdrawal symptoms which include: depression, anxiety, and Sunday-related panic attacks. If anyone else is suffering, POP recommends a good dose of BadgerGP, with 'The Chain' be Fleetwood Mac on repeat at full volume!

POP: The good week / bad week of F1

Scandal! Marvellous scandal! As you may have guessed, Podium or Pits isn't really that concerned about the dry dull news about cogs, wheel nuts, drive shafts (whatever those are) of Formula 1. No, POP is much more interested in what makes Formula 1 so fascinating: the people, the teams, and the money which are all behind the brilliant racing we so avidly watch. And this week folks, POP has a corker of a scandal to share...