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Good Things Come In Threes

Three world champions, three different strategies and three supreme drives. In truth any of the top three finishers in today's race would have been a very worthy winner.

Race Highlights: Seb gets feisty

It's often be said that Sebastian Vettel can't fight, can't carve past cars when the going is tough. That certainly didn't appear to be the case on lap nine of today's race, as the reigning world champion made three absolutely crucial moves that would put him on his way to victory.

Stopping the Unstoppable?

We at the set can't wait for the Spanish Grand Prix. But, will it live up to the excitement of all the previous races, or will it be yet another dominant display from the reigning World Champion? Put simply, we're asking: "Who, or what, can stop Sebastian Vettel?"

Turkish Delights: Unstoppable Seb

Another faultless drive from Sebastian Vettel this afternoon - and what else can you say? After the blip that was second place in China Seb returned to the top step of the podium today with a lights-to-flag win, never looking even remotely troubled by the pursuing pack. He was even able to switch his tyre strategy late in the race, just to be safe.

Pre-Malaysia quotes from Red Bull, Sauber & Lotus

As the countdown to Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix begins we've been taking a look at some of the pre-race quotes from up and down the F1 paddock. Today we're running through the thoughts of the Red Bull, Sauber and Team Lotus lads.

Red Bull, Mercedes and Lotus’ pre-Australia previews

Today we're running through the pre-Australia quotes from Red Bull, Mercedes and Team Lotus.

Seb & Niki share some banter…

Niki Lauda and Sebastian Vettel chatted to the Red Bulletin for the magazine's latest issue - check out some choice quotes and the video highlights here (and see the full interview at www.RedBulletin.com).

POP: The good week / bad week of F1

Scandal! Marvellous scandal! As you may have guessed, Podium or Pits isn't really that concerned about the dry dull news about cogs, wheel nuts, drive shafts (whatever those are) of Formula 1. No, POP is much more interested in what makes Formula 1 so fascinating: the people, the teams, and the money which are all behind the brilliant racing we so avidly watch. And this week folks, POP has a corker of a scandal to share...

Grand Prix’s best breakdowns

As part of a new, regular column Badger looks at some of the best F1 moments when people fought, cried, or just lost their cool. Check back every Tuesday for more Top 5 F1 fun...

Podium or Pits? It’s Grand Prix POP!

Some say it was only a matter of time, some say it was long overdue ... but regardless, Jonathan Legard is now resigned (quite...