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The Year of the Finger – Vettel’s Journey to the Title

The only thing that has been as consistent as his cars performance is the celebrations throughout the season, yes, of course it's the finger of Sebastian Vettel and here's our special World Championship in pictures - the year of the finger.

F1 Fan Diary: A Very Special Singapore Grand Prix

Badger fan Paul Dunlop attended last month's Singapore Grand Prix, which included a very special visit to the paddock on Saturday.... he also recorded the thoughts and experiences of his maiden F1 event for us along the way.

Driver Performance Analysis: The Sleeping Dogs

The final part of our driver analysis looks at the back end of the grid, known in these parts as the Sleeping Dogs. This week the regular cast are joined by special guest stars Renault. How exciting!

The Top 5 from Marina Bay

As the dust settles on the Singapore Grand Prix, the Badgerometer takes a leisurely look back over the weekend. Come this way for top 5 stories to come from Marina Bay.

Driver Performance Analysis: The Top Dogs

We start our analysis of the good, the bad and the ugly from the Singapore Grand Prix with the fastest teams, known in these here parts as the Top Dogs

The Singapore Grand Prix in Pictures

Singapore looks brilliant with the unique lighting and cars racing at night - here's our photo gallery of the grand prix for you to enjoy.

Felipe is livid with Lewis – Should he be?

The Massa/Hamilton incident seems to have been blown out of proportion - share your thoughts and the penalties awarded here...

The Top Dog for Singapore is…

"Hot Rod or Hot Dog" is our regular post-grand prix column where we review all of the driver performances in that race. As part of the process, one driver is declared as Badger's "Top Dog" - and this week it's...

Photo Special: Everything Looks Awesome in Singapore

It's the only nightrace on the calendar, and it's an amazing achievement that Singapore have managed to pull off by running this grand prix under lights since 2008. It really does look like something from the future...

Win Marussia Virgin T-Shirts! – Singapore Caption Contest

As this quite bonkers weekend of giveaways continues, we now have a two 'Team Shirts' up for grabs - just add your caption in the comments here...

Kamui takes off, Vettel P1 – Qualifying as it Happened

The Singapore Grand Prix has a fair bit of magic about it.  For one, it's a street circuit. We like street circuits. For another,...

Singapore: The Complete Practice Times

Ahead of qualifying, here are all the times from all three free practice sessions in Singapore before the cars sling into action.

WIN! The F1 2011 Game This Weekend

With the launch of our Friday Caption Contest, our prize giveaway weekend is underway and we're sure many of you will be interested in winning a copy of the recently released, and rather brilliant F1 2011 game. We have an XBOX and a PS3 version up for grabs.

Seb completes step one on road to title number two

He's got a massive points advantage, a lucky pig from his dad Norbert and to top it off he's ended Friday as F1's fastest...

Friday Practice Prize Caption Contest!

for this weekend's Singapore GP, we're having a bit of prize-giveaway madness here at Badger - here's the first of many prize giveaways, this time for Virgin Racing merchandise!

Lucozade quench the thirst of McLaren

Here at Badger, we can't report every single bit of F1 news, it's not really our bag - see Autosport for that. We're...