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The F1 Stats and Facts of the Australian Grand Prix

Formula One returned with a bang on Sunday. Laura Leslie takes you through the best F1 stats and facts to emerge from an eye-opening grand prix weekend.

The Malaysian Grand Prix In Stats

Laura Leslie brings you the best stats from the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix.

The German Grand Prix In Stats

We look at the statistical view of the German GP

The British Grand Prix In Stats:

Number crunching with Laura Leslie after the British Grand Prix.

The Austrian Grand Prix Stats

Tidy Austrian GP Stats - Car number 44 took Mercedes’ 44th fastest lap in the race he bagged his 44th podium position with Mercedes as a constructor.

The European Grand Prix in Stats

Total points finishes on Sunday's European GP: Kimi's 160th, Lewis' 140th, Seb's 130th, Nico's 120th - that's a tidy stat! More here...

Fantasy GP Trends – First 1000 Teams

Check out the trends for Fantasy GP teams ahead of the season opener.

Fantasy GP – Are You Looking for Turkish Delight?

After a long break and a great Chinese Grand Prix, we are almost ready for the Turkish Grand Prix. What will the wondrous Turn 8 be like with Pirelli Tyres, DRS and KERS? Will the Red Bull team mates collide again? But most importantly… which are the best drivers and teams to pick in the BadgerGP Fantasy GP game?