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“I’m a fan at heart, so I just ask the questions I’d like to...

As we start the year, Badger’s Sarah Merritt posed a few questions to Sky Sports F1 presenter Ted Kravitz.

Video – All of Ted’s Notebooks From The First Barcelona Test

Catch all of Ted's Notebooks from the second pre-season test, all in one handy place.

Video – All Of Ted’s Jerez Notebooks

The first 2015 test has been and gone, but what better way to recap the important stuff, than with good ol' (super)Ted Kravitz.

Sky Sports F1 the limit for Georgie Thompson

Sky Sports F1's blonde Bombshell, Georgie Thompson (not Lazenby) has left Sky Sports' coverage of F1, amid reports that she was tired of playing...
Sky F1

Q&A with Sky F1 – A chat with Martin, David and Ted

It's clear that they're all chuffed to be Sky and very happy to have "their own channel" for Formula 1. Many finer details are yet to be confirmed, but read on to learn more...

5 Quick Questions with the BBC F1 Team…

Badger sat down for a chat with the BBC F1 team a few weeks back, quizzing them on everything from their thoughts on...

Put your questions to the BBC Sport F1 Crew!

Badger has kindly been invited to BBC Television Centre for a meeting on Wednesday with everyone's favourite anchorman and his motley crew - i.e....

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