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WTFormula 1?

Sky confirm exclusive F1 TV deal, while drivers hit out at the management of the sport.

F1 In 2025 – How Will We Be Watching?

With F1 looking to increase it's fanbase and move with the times, what could fans be experiencing in a decades time? Zara Daniela has a few ideas!

Seven Things TV Pundits Should Stop Doing

Zara Daniela takes a look at what Sky F1 needs to slightly cut back on.

TV Critic: Farewell, Will Buxton

Roughly 15 years ago, I fell asleep while watching a Formula 3000 race in front of the TV. I didn’t just nod off a...

TV Critic: Why Sky’s F1 Legends makes today’s show look too polished

Badger's square-eyed TV critic drags himself away from Porsche Supercup replays to take a look at Sky's F1 Legends series. All views are his,...