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Mario Isola talks all things Pirelli with Badger: “I voted for the Megasoft!”

Badger catches up with Pirelli's Head of Car Racing, Mario Isola, and quizzes him on how his passion for motorsport had led him to Pirelli, as well as touching on the challenges he faces, the 2018 compounds, and efforts for fan engagement!

Badger Meets… Anthony Davidson (in 3D!)

Badger got a chance to chat with Sky F1 presenter Anthony Davidson at their 3D demonstration event at London's Groucho Club last week. Other than...

Best comeback? It has to be Pirelli

Three races into 2011 and it's become pretty clear that it's going to be a completely different ball game to 2010. China was a...

Tech Focus: Pit Stops in Formula One 2011

Our slogan for BadgerGP.com is "Formula 1 isn't boring..." and well, for 2011 this will be more true than ever before - not only have we managed to not have the Bahrain (read Borehain) GP which saw F1 'deserted' from excitement last year, but