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Will Buxton

Will Buxton – ‘What F1 must do to crack America’

After a decade broadcasting to fans in the States, Will Buxton is well placed to judge F1’s challenge in cracking the US market. Rob Watts caught up with Will to discuss Liberty Media’s future plans, Ferrari’s special deals, and why F1 needs a different approach to crack America.

The Race That Was…Phoenix 1990

Throughout the history of Formula One, there are races which stand out above all else. Races that in one afternoon catapult a driver from...
How the 2012 USA Grand Prix Circuit will look

The American Revolution?

Grand Prix racing in the United States has faced an identity crisis in the recent past but on November 12 2012 the U.S GP will return to the Formula 1 calendar in Austin, Texas after more than a four-year absence. It will regain its footing in the country among tumbleweeds and cowboy hats in the Lone Star State.

The Day Senna Tested An IndyCar

In the winter of 1992 a secret test occured in Phoenix, Arizona. It concerned the CART team Penske, one of the most successful in...

“Dude, where are all the cars?” – Does F1 need two races in the...

Formula One and the United States haven't had an altogether brilliant relationship over the last decade. Today, Badger asks whether the US really needs two of our cherished Grands Prix. Do they?