Here’s our postcard from the second day in Barcelona for the F1 testing where we got in on the Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton interviews, spent some time in the pit lane and explored the paddock.

The day started well with some tasty breakfast at the circuit hotel, before heading over the media centre (aka the Spanish Sett) and getting things sorted from Tuesday, interviews with Bruno SennaMichael Schumacher and Heikki Kovalainen.  If you haven’t seen an F1 media centre before – believe us when we say it’s a eerily chaotic yet peaceful retreat with more laptops than your local Dixons.


and the view from the media centre is fantastic – good and high up with a great view of the last corner:


We’ll be publishing our interviews with Lewis and Fernando tomorrow, but for now here’s a very short bit of video from when we were checking out the pit lane.  Of course we know that cars are moving at quite a rate and that they sweep for a pit stop, but we didn’t quite judge how much Nico Hulkenberg would sweep in for his stop and we had a near-miss…