It’s well known that Badgers occasionally get a bit too close too roads for comfort, so it’s no surprise that intrepid BadgerGP reporters will take risks getting a bit close to an F1 racetrack. Here’s a still from a bit of video footage that we can hopefully bring you early next week.

As you can see, it was about as close as you can get to a moving F1 car without having limbs removed. Especially when the pitlane entry is greasy and wet…

Apart from that, testing at Barcelona was as interesting as ever, without actually telling us anything. Mark Webber was keen to play down the upgrade that Red Bull received overnight, while Jenson Button seemed very downbeat. Not surprising, he’d had hydraulic problems all morning and had very limiting running when he was hoping to evaluate McLaren’s new package.

Both drivers stressed that it was a very tight pack at the moment, and looking at the times there really was not very much between all the teams other than Lotus, but that has already run much quicker than it did today, so presumably the program was based on heavy fuel loads.

Down at HRT, the garage is still being put together ready for a filming day on Monday and Tuesday, and one of the ex-Marussia guys I spoke to described the team as a “good bunch of lads”. It remains to be seen how Marussia themselves will do, there are also rumours of a filming day there, but they are certainly cutting it fine.

All in all another interesting day, and with only one more day of testing left before the season begins in earnest.