Where has it all gone wrong - USF1 were so full of promise

It doesn’t come with much surprise after the lack of a complete driver line up or any sign of a car that USF1’s hopes of competing in the 2010 Formula One World Championship have faded with the company being reported as closed.

The most recent news on their website is from January when Lopez signed for them, but it seems that even their often upbeat and enthusiastic news and PR folk realised the american dream was over in February.

We await any official statement from Peter Windsor or Ken Anderson on the team’s position and any clues on just how this ambitious project went so wrong.

The question hanging around now is all about Stefan GP – the team that has reportedly flown all it’s gear over to Bahrain already, in the hope they can get into F1 2010.  They don’t have a slot on the grid yet, but if the USF1 failure is confirmed tomorrow as expected then the ambitious Serbian outfit could well be in with a look.

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