North Carolina, Sunday: Rising speculation that an “all-American” Formula One team will join the ranks in 2010 have been met with scepticism by Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone, who reckons that the outfit have somehow managed to apply for an entry in the wrong series.

The team, USF1, which will apparently be run out of a facility in North Carolina, first rose to prominence last week when whispers surfaced detailing its intention to enter F1 next season, in the wake of massive cost cuts being agreed by the Formula One Teams’ Association and pushed for by FIA President Max Mosley. But Ecclestone believes that an administrative error has been made.

All wrong? Accidental F1 team Force India
All wrong? Accidental F1 team Force India

“I don’t think USF1 is a serious proposition,” the dwarfish, ugly face of F1’s commercial rights holder CVC Capital Partners told journalists today. “Obviously in America they have their own motorsports to deal with, the kind where guys turn left a lot for 500 laps and then crash spectacularly. So the general knowledge of the racing that goes on in the rest of the world is poor, to say the least.

“What I think is that USF1 have somehow believed that they are going to enter A1GP, which deals specifically with the kind of petty nationalism this team appears to be promoting.

“We’ve already seen it with Force India. Vijay [Mallya] thought he was going to be participating in a sport where baseless national pride replaces technical ingenuity and racing ability. Then he found himself mistakenly on the F1 grid. A bit silly, really – Max and I won’t have reached that stage for another few years.”

Ecclestone’s theory is puzzling, because both the USA and India have A1GP teams already. “That just shows the level of ignorance we’re dealing with here,” he insisted.