Sebastian Vettel must be crossing all his fingers and toes that come Malaysia and round 3 of the 2010 season, his car will last the entire race.  So far he’s qualified sensationally on pole position in the first two races and then looked to scamper off into the distance and claim the chequered flag.  Both races have ended in disaster so far.

If you missed it ahead of the season, Red Bull announced that Vettel had named his current 2010 car “Luscious Liz” – following on from last year’s very promising “Kate’s Dirty Sister” – sadly Liz is being rather more lazy that luscious, letting down the poor young German superstar, just when it really matters.

To help capture this, 3D graphic illustrator Chris LaBrooy has produced the quite frankly, super bits of work below.  He’s promised to produce an image for all the races this season – visit his site at to get the Hi-Res versions for your desktop wallpaper – superb!

Just how brilliant are these illustrations!?  And what do you think about Vettel’s past two races?  Should he be shouting at his engineers, driving slower (Mark Webber hasn’t had any issues) or just keep calm and carry on!?  As ever, make your thoughts known in the comments…