Photo: Red Bull Racing Media
Photo: Red Bull Racing Media

Some of this analysis has been taken from the Chinese Badgerometer – check it out now!

All eyes were on Sebastian Vettel the moment he rolled into the Chinese paddock on Thursday, and when that micropshone was handed to him for the press call you could just sense the anticipation of what he was going to say about the whole “Multi-21″ affair. What he did come out with was, maybe, more controversial than the event itself.

He wasn’t repentent, and even stated he’d do it again. Gone was the jovial, humourous side of the triple-world-champ that we’re all used to, and in it’s place was a colder, more calculating young man. The whole performance was all rather a bit too Michael Schumacher for our liking, but then again, Seb has been on the phone to the German legend on a regular basis recently.

Will this side be here to stay? Probably, and it’s even more probable that it was always there and was hidden by the quick one-liner and British sense of humour. The real Sebastian Vettel has emerged, it seems.

On the track, he was just as calculating in making his strategy to work very well indeed. 9th to 4th (which could have been 3rd if he’d not made a mistake) is a great return after not setting a Q3 time. And we all know he’d have been in with a shout at pole too.