About as spicy as a korma.  After an exciting opening lap, the Indian GP became another processional grand prix with a splash of excitement in the final few laps that amounted to  Sebastian Vettel further extending his lead over Alonso with lights to flag victory – his 4th in a row.

The lights went out and Vettel quickly moved to stamp his authority over Webber before turn 1 and then as the Red Bulls pulled away we had a great battle between the two McLarens and Fernando Alonso as the three of them fought over third place.  Lewis lost out and Jenson took up third, for a while at least until it emerged just how quick Fernando’s Ferrari could go in a straight line and soon took third and proceeding to chase down Mark Webber.

For the next 30 or so laps we were treated to cars following each other around in circles with a couple of DRS-generated overtakes and not a lot else.  Most drivers chose to make it a 1 stop race with tyre wear being low, much like the race itself, the pit stops were all textbook, except for Felipe who came out on fresh tyres just a whisker ahead of Kimi Raikkonen. He did well to keep the Finn behind for the rest of the race with just enough fuel onboard to make it to the finish.

With just 20 laps to run, Webber had KERS issues, allowing Alonso to close up and snatch 2nd from the Aussie who limped home, holding a challenge from Lewis to take the final step on the podium and deliver Red Bull and even greater command on the constructors championship.

Sebastian Vettel has now run in 1st for every lap of every race for the last three in 2012 and as far as the Indian GP is concerned, no one else has a lead a lap of the Buddh International circuit.  Worrying stats.

Alonso’s 2nd place was perfect damage limitation, but after today’s dominating performance from Red Bull and Vettel, can you expect to see anyone but the young German pocketing the title?