The best way to defend your world title would be to dominate every grand prix and so far in 2011, Sebastian Vettel has had two pole postions and two victories – the best possible start to a season, well done.

The race itself was a great one, with plenty of overtaking and battling, along with some good tactics and strategy.  The only worry for the other teams is that both Red Bull cars had issues with their KERS, yet they still came home in 1st and 4th – impressive.

Renault had another strong race with Heidfeld grabbing a podium and Petrov looking good for a top 6 position until a error that left his car damaged in the closing few laps.

Hamilton was understandably gutted with 7th place – he was chasing down Vettel for the lead during one phase of the race, but had to pit for new tyres with less than 5 laps left and dopped down the rankings.  McLaren had  his team mate Jenson Button on the podium to grab some of the points left after Red Bull’s pickings.

Our full race highlights will follow later today, for now, here’s the provisional result…

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