Yas Marina was hardly the greatest of races to end what has been one of the best seasons in Formula One history, but that won’t matter to Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel who enjoyed a flawless grand prix to win the Abu Dhabi grand prix, and in doing so sealing the Drivers World Championship alongside the Constructors last weekend.  Good work chaps!

The race lacked any of the daredevil moves we got used to at Brazil just seven days ago, instead it was all about strategy and unfortunately for Ferrari and Alonso, that’s how they lost the world championship today.

McLaren had a good stab at the last race, Button once again showing how he can make tyres last longer than anyone else and as for Hamilton, he did his best, but the odds were stacked against him and there was no break for the 2008 champ to take the fight to his title rivals.

Renault’s Kubica and Petrov surprisingly played quite a large role in the finale with Petrov keeping Alonso at bay for most of the race and Kubica keeping Hamilton behind him.  Both Renault drivers benefited from early stops during a safety car period early on when Schumacher spun on the opening lap, who while waiting for a spit of space, was nearly decapitated by Liuzzi’s Force India.  Thankfully both drivers were ok.

The other Force India of Adrian Sutil did well, running 4th until his first and only stop on lap 48 – impressive stuff!

Overall, there will be plenty of post race analysis to come, what did you all make of it?

One things for sure, many will say that Vettel deserved the championship, in that he would have walked it if it weren’t for all the problems earlier on in the season.  Congratulations Vettel, World Champion 2010.

Spare a thought for Webber, he had it all to lose and lost it in the last few races...