In case you didn’t realise already (where have you been!?) Badger held a special event for the final grand prix of the 2011 season – namely, Badger’s Brazilian GP Bash, featuring our Big GP Quiz, Fan Forum, loads of prize giveaways and the race itself, in gorgeous HD on a 4.5m screen, complete with live Twitter and timing feeds.

As well as 100 fans, a chap from VVV Automotive was also there to enjoy the event and shoot some video for us.  We didn’t quite know what to expect, but Alan worked very hard, interviewed many of the fans on their thoughts of F1 in 2011, the Badger event and more and also spoke with Badger’s Editor in Chief, Adam Milleneuve (who managed to compare Lewis Hamilton to Alan Partridge…)

Here’s his fantastic video review of our ‘Badger Bash’ – great work!

You should definitely checkout the rest of Alan’s video blogs on his YouTube channel and via the VVV Facebook page too.