A big part of the appeal of Formula 1 is its glorious past, so many great races, stories, names and faces that have been a part of the sport right up to the current day. Past races are great to watch, there are countless books (and articles on Badger GP) documenting the fastest sport on earth.

I recently came across a rather fantastic website that has compiled pretty much every single Formula 1 Grand Prix poster and programme since the sport started. It’s fantastic to browse through the designs and see how the image of the sport has morphed into the rather corporate look it has today.

See the full collection at Carsten Riede website here.


And now they are back!

posterSort of. The great folks behind the “Zoom” charity auction are raising yet more money for the wonder Great Ormond Street Hospital with a range of “new vintage” grand prix posters. 

Starting with the recent Spanish Grand Prix they are producing some beautiful grand prix posters that at first look wonderfully retro, but upon a closer look you’ll notice that they feature modern F1 cars. A really neat twist.

The posters look stunning and a donation from the sale of each one will be made to F1’s charity Great Ormond Street so they are in aid of a good cause. They come in A2 size and can be ordered here from Zoom.