Jenson Button’s Belgian Grand Prix weekend ended prematurely after a collision with Sebastian Vettel on lap 18 of 44.  The current World Champion was holding 2nd place with a damaged car with Vettel bearing down on him.

Just as drops of rain began to fall again in the Ardane forest, Vettel quickly changed direction and consequently lost control under braking before ploughing into the side of Jenson Button.  Vettel made it back to the pits for a new wing as Button caught a lift back to the pit lane.

After the incident, Jenson exclaimed what a hit this was for his championship hopes and how he was just minding his own business before Sebastian came from nowhere to take him out.

It’s not the first time Vettel’s overtaking skills have come under question this year – after many collisions as well as the massive one in Turkey with his own team mate, Webber.  Speaking of which, Vettel really hasn’t done himself any favours, with Webber looking to collect yet more points which could lead to Red Bull backing the Aussie for their title challenge.

The question, was it right for Vettel to be penalised for his move on Button?  To us here at Badger, it simply looked like he had a go and was caught out by the weather – for which a drive-thru’ penalty seems a little harsh…

Let us know what you think about it all in the comments below…

Note, since going to press, Vettel has had another incident while overtaking Liuzzi and suffered from a puncture – not a good day!