badger-circle-logoDear reader,

I founded Badger GP over 5yrs ago now and what a bonkers half decade it has been. From what started off as a Sunday afternoon hobby, Badger has come a long way, launched careers of young aspiring journalists, created plenty of opportunities for fans across the planet and ultimately made F1 even more fun.

Since the humble beginnings, Badger now has a Fantasy GP game played by thousands, runs live Grand Prix events and entertains more fans than I ever expected.

Five years ago I didn’t think I’d be able to say that I’ve had dinner with Stefano Domenicali and the rest of the Ferrari team on the eve of an Italian Grand Prix, had biscuits with Lewis Hamilton or quizzed Jenson Button on his favourite cheese.  Let alone working with F1 teams up and down the grid to produce great content (and pester them for prizes for all of you!).  Then there’s cycling 400 miles in 4 days across Europe to the Belgian GP for charity, and using Fernando Alonso’s toilet.

Above all I’m just a F1 fan, and I’m am all about making Formula 1 more accessible to fans and keeping it fun (a tricky task this year thanks to Herr Vettel).

I really hope you like what I and the rest of the crew at Badger GP do.  That’s what keeps us doing it.

For 2014 though, we’re planning a bit of a re-launch to make things better and shape Badger’s future over the next 5 years.  I’d really appreciate it if you could spare 10 minutes to complete the survey – all the questions are optional, just answer the ones you want and as a little incentive, 2 lucky fans that respond will receive a Badger GP goody bag (includes Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber autographs, an F1 pen, Badger GP goodies and more)

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