It’s a little known fact that the Virgin Racing number one, Timo Glock is referred to as “Glockdog” – he even has it on his helmet, which for Bahrain is going to be a special golden one.

Here at Badger we were thrilled last season when, during the disappointing Malaysian GP when it rained loads and they stopped the race, because we saw Timo getting out of his car leaving his helmet lying around.  The cameras focused on some weird graffiti style lettering, which let the world know that the rather promising Mr Glock has a an alter-ego.

Why were we thrilled?  Well because it was a sign of some personality in the sport that we love.  Timo’s nickname and Vettel calling his car “Kate’s Dirty Sister” are things that we believe Formula One needs more of – i.e. less of the elitist, untouchable, inaccessible image it has built up over the years.

With the season only days away, it’s time for our first Badger Salute of 2010 – Timo ‘Glockdog’ Glock, The Badger Salutes you!