Australian F1 Grand Prix - PreviewsWe at the Sett feel for Mark Webber in a funny way. He’s charismatic, funny and in a way loveable – but only in the way that a race fan loves a race car driver, mind you.

Issues with a faulty ECU and KERS that seemed to have a trigger switch that flicked on when he was 30 seconds behind his teammate meant that he didn’t have the best of races. That was clear from the now customary boggy start.

We’re not going to completely write off Mark as a F1 front runner just yet. But, all things considered, he is sat in a seat with a team that’s won the last 6 possible trophies (drivers and constructors) with plenty of younger hotshots out there gunning for a chance in F1 with Red Bull.

Webber needs to buck the trend of bad starts and non-descript races that have haunted him for the past 18 months. Knock it off Mark, you’re better than that.