The Scrutineering Bay is Badger’s way of taking a hot Grand Prix racing topic and getting people from the Sett involved to put their opinions across. From predicting races, arguing stewards decisions to just deciding who was/is/will be the best, anything is fair game!

With Germany next up on the calender, and returning to the new Nurburgring – as the old one is busy holding track days – we at Badger are looking forward to the weekend’s race and simply asking;

“What will happen in Germany?”

This week’s eager Badger writers include myself, Craig Normansell, Jimmy Von Weeks and going first to get the ball rolling, Benson Jammichello:

Germany could well be an important race in terms of the 2011 season. It’s the race after the rule changes and after a cracking British Grand Prix, when Ferrari appeared to move forwards and McLaren backwards. Will the Italian team be able to maintain the momentum? Will Lewis and Jenson be given a more competitive car? So many questions, so few answers.

Whatever happens, if this championship is going to take off it needs someone, anyone, to beat the Red Bulls, otherwise we’re in for a long, hard slog to the finishing line. There are only so many times I can see Vettel’s smiling mug plastered across my TV screen.

Also, more specifically, could this be the weekend that Lewis Hamilton finally gives up on McLaren? The longer it takes for the other Red Bull seat to be wrapped up, the more likely it seems that Hamilton could be persuaded to make the jump. Whether or not Red Bull would want him is another matter.

I suppose I should make some sort of prediction so here it is: I will forget (once again) to do my FantasyGP predictions. Let’s hope I’m proved wrong.

Up next is Jimmy, who is taking a more celestial approach:

Tonio Liuzzi, Leo: Something big is on the horizon and you’ve been anticipating it for some time.

Hispania – sorry, they prefer HRT – got themselves new owners recently and they haven’t wasted any time in making their presence known. From insisting that acronyms are better than words (in this case they just aren’t) to hiring an eighties F1 backmarker as a consultant they’ve done nothing to damage Hispania’s (I have no intention of calling them HRT – ever) reputation for madness. Next on the horizon? They’re going to fire Tonio Liuzzi. This will be the Italian’s last grand prix for the team, if the stars are to be believed. A real shame, as 2011 has been the best year of his F1 career.

Karun Chandhok, Capricorn: Just at a time when you’d rather be locked away at home, the world calls you to attention

Karun, I’m sorry that you have to drive in Germany; I’m sorry that people are going to find out that, whilst you’re probably the nicest guy in F1, you’re not actually very fast. But hey, look on the bright side: Jarno will be back in the car for Hungary. The stars say Timo Glock will out-qualify Karun in Germany.

Sebastian Vettel, Cancer: Just when you were expecting a long turn at the grindstone, an unexpected twist causes you to smile.

Ferrari aren’t going to carry their Silverstone pace to Germany, whilst McLaren will remain iffy, allowing Seb will forget his troubles as he claims a maiden home race victory. All thoughts of having to fight for the world title will float away, like helium balloons from the hands of small children.

Then the Red Bull team will dance about slapping each other on the back and playing over-the-top songs from the eighties. Mark Webber will join in, but he’ll make his excuses and leave the party early: “It’s my dog, mate, he’s home alone and we don’t trust him to stay out of the fridge. We taught him to open it, as a sort of party trick, but in retrospect it was a pretty short-sighted thing to do.”

I know it sounds strange, but that’s what the stars say, folks.

And finally, I have a go;

  • Hispania will close the gap to the rest of the field. They will now be only 3 seconds behind.
  • Michael Schumacher will continue to resculpt the end of his Mercedes against another F1 car.
  • Mark Webber will dominate. Then be told not to.
  • Team Lotus will continue to sit in that strange limbo place on the grid. Too slow for the midfield, too fast for the backmarkers.
  • Toro Rosso will continue to fool everyone and go out in Q1, only to nab some points.
  • Massa will outqualify Alonso. Seriously, it’s going to happen!
  • Lewis will not drive into anyone for once.
  • Jenson will be quick all weekend. Except for when it counts.
  • There will be constant comparisons to this Nurburgring to the “old” Nurburgring.
  • Vettel will win on home soil.

So there we have it again, that’s our predictions for the 2011 German Grand Prix. What’s yours?