What will happen in this weekend’s Indian Grand Prix?

That’s the question for this week’s ‘Scrutineering Bay’ column, where we invite you to share your thoughts and join the debate on a current F1 hot topic.  With Sunday being the first Indian Grand Prix, we’re asking you what you think will happen – you can include what you think the podium will be, whether there will be a safety car, how Force India will make the most of it… or basically anything you like.  If there’s a way you can make a pie chart out of it – go for it.   Essentially anything goes…

Bernie and co plan the Indian GP - Credit: Jaypee International Circuit, via Sutton-Images.com
  • Make it as funny and as amusing if you like – it’s up to you how you approach it, whether it be a picture, poem, haiku, sonnet, video or something else entirely. Remember, it’s your answer! (Note: Dance interpretations will go in automatically)
  • Send us your contribution via email to debate@badgergp.com
  • Include your Twitter handle if you have one, as well as where in the world you’re from.
  • Make sure to send us your completed piece before 11pm on Tuesday 24th October (and not a minute after!)

We’ll then pick our favourites and include them in the article on Wednesday, where thousands of other F1 fans will doubtless read and enjoy your contribution.

So what are you waiting for? YOU could be on BadgerGP.com!

Happy writing!