It’s a tricky one, but following on from looking at our favourite F1 cars, it’s time to look at the worst – the complete flops, the dogs, the ones that really go against the ideology of F1 cars being beautiful machines, the pinnacle of engineering etc etc.

Frist up it’s the quite horrible looking 2009 Renault.  Here’s the launch photo, my how a year can change things – Flavio’s gone, Piquet Jr has gone, ING have withdrawn, Alonso is off to the stables of the prancing horse and even the very name “Renault” is looking to be sold anytime soon.  Shame they had to end with some an ugly looking car..

Now, let’s go back a little bit – one of the biggest disasters in modern day F1 has to be British American Racing (BAR) and their ‘half and half’ livery.  They couldn’t decide whether promote the Lucky Strike or 555 cigarette brand – solution?  Let’s do them both – a fine example of a bad marketing decision – the car looked awful, so much so, that the team were forced to drop it and go with a far more aesthetically pleasing ‘Lucky Strike’ livery…. oh except for some of the far away races where they switched to a dodgy looking ‘555’ livery.

1999BAREver thought you’d see a pink F1 car?  you probably never will after Brabham tried it in 1992 when Damon Hill was getting his foot in the F1 door.  Nice idea, but it just doesn’t fit.

hillNext up is the awful “Earth Dreams” livery adopted by Honda.  Some say it was to cover the fact that they didn’t have any sponsorship, but whatever the reason, it was yet another PR disaster for the BAR-come-Honda team.

earthcarAnother modern F1 livery disaster was the Benson and Hedges sponsored Jordan.  Sure, it may have ended up as being one the best when they made it yellow, but in the first instance it was a garish gold colour and my did it look bad on the track…

jordanThere are loads more iffy looking F1 cars out there – share yours in the comments below and we’ll compile the ultimate list of great and awful F1 cars…

In the meantime… if this article and the “favourite F1 car” article have got you reminiscing over the past 50+ yrs of F1 cars then look no further than this quite wonderful (and massive) image of every single F1 car from 1950 through to 2004.  The Badger found it on a blog and was mightily impressed with it.  Be warned, the original file is nearly 20mb in size and will take a while to download!  A small version is shown below:


Download the full version here – Every F1 Car 1950 – 2004