Do you follow your favourite team on Twitter? What do you think of them? Are they chatty and engaging or do they use the service to push out their latest marketing message only? Now all of the teams are on Twitter, I thought it was time to examine at how social they really are.

Looking at the accounts, I decided to apply some science (or at least some maths) and rank them on some key factors:

  • How many @ replies they do
  • How many retweets they do
  • The frequency of tweeting

So I counted the last 100 tweets of each of the teams late this afternoon, noted the replies and retweets (but did not include the replies to own team members) and looked at the date of the tweet that was 100 ago. Each got ranked and given points from 12 down to 1 for the latter 2 and double points for the replies, as this is the most important measure of socialness. So here are the results.

Twitter AccountRepliesRetweets-100th tweetScore
@MarussiaVirgin41119 May41
@OfficialLRGP1378 May38
@MyTeamLotus11718 May38
@Clubforce1636 May34
@OfficalSF1Team15623 Mar32
@OfficalMGP2110 May29
@redbullf1spy2124 Mar27
@WilliamsF1138 May26
@TheFifthDriver1621 Apr25
@InsideFerrari008 May17
@HispaniaRacing007 May15
@ToroRossoSpy006 Nov10

So Marussia Virgin comes out as the most social team, at least in this sample. But the competition with @MyTeamLotus and @OfficialLRGP is tight, I suspect that if you took another sample, the positions may shift using this counting system. Regardless of the closeness of the results, MarussiaVirgin are by far the chattiest on the platform, with 41% of their tweets being an answer to a fan (or journalist).

At the other end of the scale, it’s easy to see the teams who are using Twitter as a broadcast mechanism only. In many cases, it’s useful information, eg InsideFerrari, but is it what fans want? One suggestion may be to split the pure practice/race information profile from the conversation profile if both sets of information was requested? If you could advise your favourite team(s) what would you ask for? – Let us know in the comments below!

On a side note – Here’s another great example of @MarussiaVirgin’s ‘sociability’ – a great YouTube video of Jerome out and about in Barcelona, enjoying himself at a theme park – a great way to see the actual driver having fun, rather than just the press conference chatter.

[youtube width=”550″ height=”320″]