It’s that time of year again when we’re ‘treated’ to countless glitzy award ceremonies, complete with cheesy music and faded celebrities being dusted off to have 30s of fame while they present a prestigious award to a driver, team or personality.  Yawn.

As for the ‘best blogger/tweeter’ of the year award, don’t get us started, all these so called ‘awards’ do is fill your social timelines with ‘vote for me’ garbage tweets, seriously.

Ok, so they aren’t all that bad, but they aren’t all prestigious and well, as far as we see it – it’s a bit of an excuse to have a drink before Christmas, personally I’d rather enjoy a tasty tipple in a good pub with other people who actually want to be there, with a dog curled up in the corner next to a fire. Ah, much better.

Before we settle into said pub, here at Badger we do have just 1 award to give out and unlike many others, this one is pretty prestigious – there’s no glitzy dinner do, just a simple voting contest where the driver with the most votes will be crowned “Badger’s TOP DOG of 2012”, we’ll even send them a badge.  Wow.


The Nominees:

All of the drivers who received a TOP DOG award for a grand prix weekend are listed below, some got 2, others didn’t get any – it’s tricky for a driver to win one, even winning a race doesn’t guarantee them the TOP DOG award. One of these will become TOP DOG for 2012, the overall season TOP DOG.

Vote now by Twitter: You can tweet your vote by clicking the Twitter button for the driver you think should win, and you can vote for as many as you like.

Vote now by Facebook: We’ve put up photos of each of the TOP DOGS from 2012, simply LIKE the one(s) you think should win TOP DOG of 2012 – go here on Facebook to do that.

Vote now via the comments: Simply leave you vote for which driver(s) you think should be 2012 TOP DOG in the comments below.

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Closing date is Sunday December 9th at midday, and we’ll announce the 2012 TOP DOG on Monday December 10th.  Get voting!