December 7th: It’s the seventh day of our Advent Calendar and we’re hoping you’re enjoying the articles so far and for today… well we’re letting you in for a little treat and answering the question that we get asked a lot… “Why Badger?”

In short, there isn’t one succinct reason why Badger is called Badger, instead we have near infinite different reasons, but here are our favourites…

Black and White

Badger’s are black and white – doesn’t that sounds like a good reason?  No – well what about the chequered flag – arguably one of the most symbolic items in motorsport, surely that’s a great reason to associate badgers with a webzine about Grand Prix?


Wise, well respected creatures – Just think back to the children’s stories of Animals of Farthing Wood and Wind in the Willows (even Bodger and Badger, which featured the world first of a ‘badger’ on a skateboard – genius) – But, seriously looking at Farthing Wood and the Kenneth Grahame classic, Badger’s are always playing the role of the wise, dependable, loved and respected characters – what better reason to associate yourself!

[youtube width=”580″ height=”460″]

British Wildlife

As well as being characterised on telly, actual real badgers are famous for their elusiveness, mystery and all in all they are one of the favourite examples of British wildlife – with Badger GP being British, it makes sense again…

Why not

Ok, so “Why not” may seem like a response that is somewhat lacking, but hey seriously why join the masses with typical website names when you could go out on a limb and choose “Badger” – squirrel could have been good too, not quite up there though…

Moles are so last century

The concept of ‘moles’ in media (as spies for example) is long-established, in-keeping with the mole’s tendency to dig up your front lawn, in media ‘they’ (not actual moles we’re told) dig up juicy stories and often cause more public disruption than having to get your spade out to mend the lawn.

From this deduction, coupled with the previous reasons, it’s more than clear that ‘badger’ is the nest logical step – as creatures in the wild, badgers burrow huge homes for themselves underground called “setts” – translate this skill into the world of modern media, i.e. building vast networks between different sources and hey presto, badger is new the mole…

Badger Facts:

Here are some badger related facts to impress your friends this Christmas…

  • The expression “Mad as a sack of badgers” comes from the badger’s ferocity when cornered or trapped
  • Only European badgers live in ‘setts’ together, outside Europe they’re solitary creatures
  • Badgers are very clean and tidy, they even build toilets separate to the sett
  • A group of badgers living together is known as a clan.
  • Just like bears, badgers fatten themselves up until October and then bed down for a winter sleep (sleeping from end of Nov until end of Feb – in-keeping with the F1 season!)
  • The 2006 winner of “The Apprentice” was called Ruth Badger and refers to herself as ‘the Badger’
  • Residents of Wisconsin are known as badgers

There are loads more facts too…