Whilst perusing the forums of James Allen‘s site, someone had posted a link to What Will Kimi Do Next, a website running a countdown clock to the middle of next week. Is Kimi really going to announce a new driver contract in this way, with a teaser site and video?

The implication is there, that this is all to do with what he will do in 2013. Curious, no?

A little digging shows that the domain is registered to Pulp Active Oy, a Finnish brand, product and event marketing company that appears to represent Kimi’s Ice Rally Team.

So is he moving? Or is this a neat marketing ploy to announce his next endorsement or sponsorship deal?

Update 17 Oct: As suspected, this is a marketing stunt. It’s for Makia clothing, a Finnish company that makes ‘racing inspired clothing’. Wonder how much that endorsement cost?