Finally, a 2016 Formula 1 car has been launched. After the Renault and Red Bull livery launches, Williams sprung a surprise this morning, releasing the first images of their new machine.

Thankfully, it’s an evolution of the great Martini-striped livery, keeping it right up there in the championship of the prettiest cars on the grid. Hopefully it will also give Massa and Bottas the chance to compete higher up in the actual championship too.

 Photo: Williams F1 ref: Digital Image WS8A8530
Photo: Williams F1
Photo: Williams F1 ref: Digital Image WS8A8558
Photo: Williams F1

The awkward pointy nose is only temporary too, the Melbourne-spec car will have a more pleasing version. For more info on the technical side of things, have a read of Racecar Engineering’s thoughts here.

But here’s something we enjoyed reading from Williams’ press release interview with Pat Symonds – things are getting LOUDER!

Something the spectators may notice more is that the engines will sound a bit sharper. Over the winter we can expect more power from improved combustion and this will in itself produce a bit more noise but perhaps more significantly the turbo wastegate is no longer plumbed into the main exhaust. This should not only produce an engine note that is around 12% louder than before but may also from time to time trigger some of the dramatic sounds we all associate with high performance turbo charged engines.