Like biscuits? So do we and here at Badger GP we’re also all about the fans of F1.  We’re fans ourselves and do what we can to make F1 even better for everyone. It’s not just our entertaining content, Fantasy GP and Grand Prix Bash events though – oh no, we also like to share some of the awesome competition opportunities out there – and the latest effort from Sahara Force India takes the biscuit.  The whole pack of biscuits in fact.

Force India as recently as April held a competition for fans to work with the team at a filming day at Silverstone. Now, in the summer break, there’s an opportunity to go one better – who wants the ultimate experience and actually WORK for Force India at Monza?

You could become part of the media team for an F1 team, following their drivers Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez and reporting all on the goings on inside and out of the garage, and live from the heart of the paddock. It’s an incredible opportunity, and here’s how you can enter;

– Write a “half term” review of Sahara Force India’s 2015 season so far – max 800 words. Any angle, any focus – make sure your style gets through with your words.

– Publish it on your own blog and/or website, and send a link to, or alternatively copy the article in the body of the email. Use “#‎JoinTheTeam” and your name and surname as subject of the email (e.g. “#JoinTheTeam – Joe BestFan”).

– Publish and send it between August 7th and August 15th!

– The TEN best entries, as selected by Force India’s social media team, will qualify for the final round to take place online during the Belgian Grand Prix weekend.

You could be part of the Force India team!
You could be part of the Force India team!

Badger’s Top Tips

Winning this competition won’t be easy.  There will be potentially tens of thousands of entries, but that’s no reason not to have a go – but in order to win, you’ll need to stand out. So here are our top tips:

  • Write a nice email to Force India (
    • Make it friendly.
    • Make sure it’s clear you’re a big fan of Formula One, and Force India.
    • Check your spelling and grammar!
  • Write a mid-season review of Force India so far in 2015.
    • Keep it concise – no more than 800 words in total!
    • What has, in your eyes, stood out in Force India’s 2015 season?
    • Maybe include a photo of you being an F1 fan – at a race maybe?
    • Make sure your work is good, and free of errors.
    • Your piece needs to be eye-catching and engaging, as well as being totally original.
  • Persuade them
    • You want to win right? Well write down all the reasons why you should be the winner, do it quickly on a scrap of paper and then use these reasons to form your email to the team.
    • Do your research – there’s been 10 races so far in 2015, so plenty of talking points just for Force India. Make a list of all the things you think are relevant.
  • Still reading this?
    • Get on with it and email the team now!
    • Remember – this could be you!

If you do win, then let us know and buy us some biscuits. Please.

Image: Sahara Force India Media
Image: Sahara Force India Media