Last month we gave away a couple of pairs of the impressive P200 Ferrari headphones, since it all went down so well those crazy (and frankly, rather generous) folk at Logic3 are at it again.  You have another chance to get that Rob Smedley look –

  1. Simply follow @FerraribyLogic3 on Twitter
  2. Tweet a picture of you next to a Ferrari
  3. Mention @FerraribyLogic3 and use the hashtag #FbyL3 in your tweet

You can read more about these awesome headphones in our review and best of luck to those of you entering.

Badger’s top tips:

  • Make sure the owner of the Ferrari isn’t in the car at the time (they can get funny about pictures being taken)
  • Do not attempt to climb on or even touch a Ferrari that isn’t yours
  • Make your picture funny – more likely to be noticed = more likely to win (we reckon!)
  • Enter more than once = more chances, but use different photos otherwise it’s cheating
  • Don’t have any rich neighbours?  Find a Ferrari showroom or pop to your nearest museum
  • Want to up a level?  Pop to a Ferrari store such as the one in London and get a photo with an Ferrari F1 car