The fantastic intentsGP folk are supporting our Australian Grand Prix event and are offering up as a prize a camping package for the 2012 British Grand Prix.

If you’ve been to a grand prix and camped before, you already know that it’s the best way to ‘be at a GP’ – you’re in the thick of the action, with a great atmosphere, you can walk to the track, coming and going as you please and not have to deal with all the traffic chaos that goes along with having 100s or thousands of people descending on a race circuit.

Now, like us, the idea in principle is great, but it’s not without it’s flaws – it can be a messy affair, you need to be organised and bring all the right things.  That’s the downsides of camping at Grand Prix… but wait, what if all of that hassle was taken away and all you had to do was turn up?

This is where intentsGP come in – you can literally just drive up to the campsite, park your car and there’s your tent, ready and waiting for you with a comfy sleeping arrangement – no, seriously – we’re talking airbeds and duvets!  There’s a central intentsGP marquee which has power, wifi and and tables a chairs.  It’s your own F1 community and, in our opinion, having been to numerous events with intentsGP, probably the best way to do a grand prix weekend.

What’s more, at this year’s British Grand Prix Badger GP will be there with intentsGP and we’ll be putting on a mini-event including our Grand Prix Quiz and more.  Promises to be an amazing weekend.

The Prize:

intentsGP are offering a tent for two nights (worth £199) for the 2012 British GP.  You can just turn up and live at Silverstone for two nights – now that’s a result! For more details see here and remember, all tickets to our Australian GP event include a raffle ticket, but you can buy more here to increase your chances.