In case you didn’t realise already, the tasty liquor that goes by the name of “Johnnie Walker” is one of McLaren’s big sponsors and has been for some time.  And now for 2011, the whisky is using it’s connection with one of Formula One’s great teams to throw open the doors and let fans see what goes on behind the scenes with exclusive video of the McLaren team as well as Lewis and Jenson themselves.

Over the next few months a number of videos are to be put out, enabling you to explore of the glamorous world of F1.  And you can enjoy the first few right here on Badger.  That’s all pretty cool and here at the Sett, we’re impressed with these shorts – very high quality and classy, just like the whisky.

What’s more is that to coincide with this new promotion, there are also some limited edition packs bottles of the whisky (in gorgeous McLaren endorsed packaging) which include a ‘gold pass’ – as well as looking good, these gold passes could also be your ticket to the 2011 Monaco Grand Prix – yep, that’s right – you, in Monaco for one of the most famous races on the calendar.

Up first – the Legend of McLaren

[youtube width=”580″ height=”351″]

And then, here’s your chance to ‘meet the McLaren team’

[youtube width=”580″ height=”351″]

Meet the drivers

[youtube width=”580″ height=”351″]

Team mates at McLaren

[youtube width=”580″ height=”351″]

And there’s plenty more on the YouTube channel coming up soon

Jenson sums it up nicely “This is a unique opportunity for people to see me, Lewis and the team in our natural environment and should give people a true appreciation of what we get up to behind the scenes and the hard work and effort that goes into creating a winning team” – keep an eye out for future videos – going on the standard of these ones, we’re in for a treat!

The Gold Pass:

These little, but potentially huge (in brilliance) can be found in limited edition ‘Step Inside’ packs of Johnnie Walker whisky and then once you have one, you can head to the official Facebook page and enter your code on the ‘Gold Pass’ tab for a chance to win a spot prize or the trip to Monaco to join Lewis and Jenson.

These gold passes are also available at Hush bar in London, and soon other bars across the country, keep an eye out for further updates on Badger.  You can see a photos from Badger’s visit to Hush on the launch evening here:

We'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we encourage you to enjoy Johnnie Walker responsibly

Learn more about the Gold Pass and Johnnie Walker over on Facebook here.
And check the YouTube channel for more videos here