Modern day Formula 1 is great, but it wouldn’t be where it is today without it’s glorious history and thanks to Retro Formula 1 the teams and drivers of F1’s past are not forgotten – RetroF1 have an incredible selection of officially licensed and remastered merchandise from all of the great names in Grand Prix history.

Remember Hesketh?  What about Leyton House, Arrows, Shadow, Ligier, Classic Team Lotus and Jordan?  They’re all names synonymous with F1 and via the Retro F1 shop you can buy t-shirts for all of these teams and more!

Too old for tshirts?  Personally I don’t think you can be, but if that isn’t your cup of tea, then how about a classic grand prix poster – the good ones, when they were full-blown works of art; when they were beautiful paintings of F1 cars that really caught the passion and class of Grand Prix.  Nothing against the modern official posters, they’re fine… albeit a bit clinical and dare we say it… boring.  The ones from the 1960s, especially the Monaco GP ones, are fantastic. Indeed, the 1965 one sits proudly on the wall in our Sett (Badger’s HQ).



We like Retro F1 and Retro F1 likes Badger GP, so we’re all good – so good, in fact, that at our Australian GP event on March 18th we have a selection of products from Retro F1 up for grabs, including James Hunt ‘SEX for Breakfast’ tshirts, A1 poster prints and a classic Hesketh embroidered cap.

We suggest you follow Retro Formula 1 on Twitter @F1_Retro and become a fan on Facebook too – we are!

All in all, we love the F1 of yesteryear and can’t get enough of this retro merchandise – see more on the website here.

Retro F1