Here are the full 10 winning entries from our competition where you could have won yourself a ticket to the launch of the Marussia Virgin Racing car – the MVR-02. We had over 200 entries, and some really quite clever and witty ones in there too, and here they are:

  • EdI had to drink the horrible Virgin Cola instead of real Coca Cola as a kid because it was cheaper, they owe me big time.
  • CraigI’m too tall and my reactions are too slow to be a racing driver, and I don’t have nearly enough money to own/sponsor a team. How else will I ever get to be in F1?!
  • Brianpurely in the interests of balance, I think there should be more chubby, pasty-faced blokes at F1 car launches
  • AntI am hoping their new racing car will look like ‘SEX ON WHEELS!’
  • Jonbecause like a Virgin driver I want to touch it for the very first time!
  • ChrisI deserve to come to the Marussia Virgin Racing launch because I have been a petrolhead and VR fan for as long as I can remember, am in love with this incredible new car (even memorised the fluid dynamics of the chassis*), would give an arm to be the first to see it*, and am an overworked, underappreciated student (with no money)! (* = not strictly true, but the bit about being a poor student is very true so makes up for it)
  • Craigmy camera might seize up if not used soon and I’m not usually allowed to photograph Virgins
  • Heather I love Marussia Virgin Racing, at the Autosport show my highlight was sitting on the actual prat perch that they take to races. I drink my tea out of my VR mug during every practice session, qualifying and race in the hope that it will bring them luck.
    If i get to go I’ll promise to behave, although I might get that excited that I might pop!
  • Jack I believe that deserve to be at the Marussia Virgin Racing launch because I live near to their Dinnington base and walk past the 2010 car everyday on my way to school. It would be great privilege and honour to see their new car close up instead of staring though the glass window
  • Grahamit will be a wonderful opportunity to meet the most fan-friendly team in F1 and to meet one of my favourite drivers, Timo. Plus I’m hoping Richard Branson will be there in his stewardess outfit…

Well done to each of you and of course, see you at the event!